Victoria Platinum Concierge Blue Peter Flag

The Blue Peter


Fredy, could you arrange ….. for us please. We’ll be there such and such.”

“Steve, what can we do after that weekend trip you arranged?….”

“Why is … so hard to find….?”

Victoria Platinum Concierge has grown out of Steve’s passion for discovering and promoting the best a region has to offer for visitors, and Fredy’s passion for the sea and knowing from lack-lustre experiences what it takes to make visitors happy. Both our global experiences have taught us what it takes to provide world-class service….

Our endeavor is structured around the concept of completing your visit to Vancouver Island with everything you wanted to see, achieve, replenish, impress, experience with world-class effort.

Nothing better than the international alphabet signal flag for the letter ‘P‘, also known as the ‘Blue Peter‘, to signal that accomplishment. It is hoisted on the mizzen to indicate readiness to sail the local port o’call. It signals for all crew to board, merchant men to cast off, and harlots to bid their farewell…

We trust you had a pleasant stay and enjoyed our professionalism.

Tell your associates.

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