Victoria Platinum Concierge Profile

Victoria Platinum Concierge profile

There is none like Victoria Platinum Concierge on Vancouver Island.

We started with demand from our visiting friends and associates.

We have become successful beyond our wildest dreams.

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Victoria Platinum Concierge Profile

About The Team

Individual passion to make a group effort...

that is what provides the best results

Leadership & Character

Our pro-team consists of an uncommon partnership-duo.

When established Destination Marketing Professional meets lifelong Yacht Owner, Business Consultant and Project Manager…

Meet the Team

, The Team, Victoria Platinum Concierge

Steve Duck

The Destination Marketing Professional…forty years of showing off the best there is…here to delight everyone. A mentor in the use chopsticks for organic vegetarian dishes. Drinks Casanova Prosecco…meets clients on an $8,000 electric bicycle. Knows 91.7% of those who matter on Vancouver Island. One real nice guy!

, The Team, Victoria Platinum Concierge

Fredy Boese

The Project Manager…forty years of making things happen…here to insist everyone delights everyone. Knows how to serve fresh Chinook salmon off the barbie, mate. Bajan Mount Gay 1703 Master Select calms the beast…500hp of diesel gets to see clients faster. Not as nice as Steve, but born to a German mother he gets things done!


Victoria Platinum Concierge Profile

Our Motivators

Work on your bucket list Today

You can't take it with you. Do it today. Nobody after you will necessarily thank you for what you leave behind. Live for you, today...


It is not difficult to do anything better than 999 others if you believe your belief.

Maintain a sense of Reality

No matter what, keep it real, keep it sincere. For his own good, the customer is not always right.

Inspire by Example

We set standards. We engage those who want to learn.

Shameless Self-promotion

We aren't shy to self-promote our professionalism. We'll love you that much more if you do...

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